Volunteer at DVWC

Ready to Volunteer at DVWC? We’ll help you find the right team for your passions and talents!

Why Volunteer?

Here at Deer Valley Worship Center we strive to create a culture where every member is a minister. We don't serve from a prospective of obligation, but we gladly serve with an understanding that as believers we have a high calling to use our gifts and talents to affect change for the Kingdom of God.

Sunday Morning 9:15 Meeting

As a volunteer our day starts off with the Team Meeting at 9:15 AM every Sunday in our Sanctuary. All of our volunteers gather in a spirit of unity for a short time of Instruction and prayer. We then breakout into our individual teams for further communication from team Captains. If your interested in one of our opportunities or just want to get a feel for how we serve during a weekend service then this meeting is a perfect place to start.

Explore this section to browse all the opportunities for volunteering offered at DVWC.

First Impressions:

Parking Lot Ministry


Connect Desk

Children's Department:

Adventure Kids

Adventure Kids Jr.

Adventure Kids Tots


Service / Worship:

Worship Team

Media Team



Bus Ministry

3rd Saturday Outreach

OutReach in the Slope

Food Pantry

Let us know where you fit.